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Heritage Appliances: The Perfect Choice for a Victorian Kitchen

Going back to our roots is something that is not new. But, it has escalated in a way unprecedented since 2020. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we were all reminded of the joy of quiet living, spending time at home, and simpler lifestyles. This came out in many home style trends: wood accents, the end of “grey-everything”, and a re-introduction to warm tones and natural materials. For chefs, home cooks, and beginners alike, this kickstarted the rise of victorian-era kitchens. 

Luckily, whether you’re 100% invested in creating your own Victorian or turn-of-the-century kitchen, or if you’re looking for something special and unique to your modern-Victorian style space, Elmira Stove Works’ Heritage Appliances are the perfect fit. In this blog, we’re exploring what Victorian kitchens are, how to design your own modern Victorian kitchen, and what Heritage appliances you will want for your space. 

Victorian style kitchen

Victorian-Era Kitchens

The Victorian Era–1837 to 1901–was so named because it was when Queen Victoria reigned. You may also know it as the time period of the Crimean War, Jack the Ripper, the rise of industry, and the growth of the British Empire as a whole. But, let’s get to the kitchens. 

Technological advancements

The revolutionary breakthrough of this period did have an impact on kitchens. Kitchens were built to be functional, with little decor. Fire was still used for cooking, but it was during this time period that cookstoves took over for open hearth cooking. Wood and coal powered these beginner-stoves. 

One of the other bigger changes at this time wasn’t so much in the kitchen itself as what could be cooked within it. As transportation advancements happened, kitchens could be filled with goods from outside their own region. 

Inward VS Outward Orientation

One of the easiest ways to tell a Victorian from a modern kitchen is how things are oriented. Today, our kitchens are outward-facing, without counters and the main kitchen workspace being along the perimeter of the kitchen: It makes it easier for cooks to move along a line and work in progress with each other. 

Victorian kitchens, on the other hand, were inward-facing. They had a surprising lack of “counter space” on the outside. Instead, in the center of the kitchen, a large, sturdy table would be used for chopping, mixing, and non-appliance cooking. The perimeter of the kitchen would hold storage space, stove, sink and perhaps an icebox. 

Modern Victorian style kitchen
Borrowed from Decoist.

The Appeal of Old Victorian Kitchens

Victorian-style kitchen appliances truly make a statement in your home – especially when you can choose your own color. They were warm with wood-burning and coal stoves, dark wood, and busy chefs moving around. We spend so much time in our kitchens, it’s no surprise that something cozier and comforting appeals over restaurant-style stainless steel.

If you like “slow cooking” with family and friends, then the central workspace or large table could work better for you. If you haven’t tried it before, test it out! Move your table into your kitchen and try prepping there instead of the counter. If you like it, then a kitchen island or central work table may be a great option for you.

What is a Modern Victorian Kitchen Style?

If you want to have your own modern Victorian kitchen, you may or may not want to replace your counters for a wooden table. But, you should absolutely include wood features, detailed accents, neutral and natural tones, and use Victorian-reminiscent lines in your appliances.

Of course, with most modern designs, you can take aspects of the Victorian kitchen and make it your own! If you want a colorful kitchen, or love a specific color scheme, adding hits of wood, Victorian-style appliances, or other access can do a lot to build a modern Victorian kitchen that feels like home. 

This is what Elmira Stove Works does so well with their Victorian style Heritage Appliances.

Heritage Kitchen Design

Heritage Appliances by Elmira Stove Works

The Heritage appliance collection from Elmira Stove Works truly combines the appeal of century-kitchens with modern conveniences. This collection includes ranges, wall ovens, refrigerators, dishwashers, and microwaves so you can build that Victorian style feel from storage and cooking to washing and reheating. 

The true shining stars of this collection are the Heritage ranges. With gas, electric and dual fuel models available, you can choose your preferred style of range without compromising on style. The decorative touches and choice of nickel or copper trim really brings this Victorian-style to life, whatever you cook. (Plus, because the ranges are self-cleaning, you don’t have to stress about the mess while you cook).

Heritage appliances are available in many colors, including black, black/bisque combo, liberty blue, cayenne pepper red, white, pure bisque, or black/white combo. 

Building a Victorian Oasis In Your Kitchen

If you feel a pull to classic, old-school, and simpler times–but don’t want to give up on modern cooking conveniences, then you’re in the right place. If you want to explore what a kitchen with Heritage appliances looks like, our visualizer tool can help. Explore the entire Heritage appliance collection and start imagining your dream kitchen today. 

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