Spaces That Wow – Using Bold Colors in Kitchen Design

Throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s, color played a prominent role in kitchen design. During these times, appliances came in many colors – ranging from deep forest green to flamingo pink, and well… pretty much everything in between. The broad spectrum of available colors gave homeowners the opportunity to bring a bit of personality into their kitchen.

Over the years, however, the popularity of custom-colored appliances waned, and neutral hues such as white, black – and ultimately – stainless steel have dominated kitchen design ever since.

Recently, the popularity of colorful appliances has reemerged, as people want to add more character to their spaces. What better way to do this than by including a bold pop of color? Not only does color make a statement, but it will set your kitchen apart from the pack with its unique style.

At Elmira, we’ve always embraced color with our fully customizable lines of period-style appliances, available in thousands of inviting shades.

Keep reading for tips on how to include color in your kitchen.

Jewel Tones

Rich and deep, jewel tones can be an alternative to traditional neutrals in your kitchen design, and can be incorporated the same way you would colors like white, gray or cream. The Gemology Collection captures the brilliant essence of the cardinal gemstones: Amethyst, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire.

Saturated and reflective, these nature-inspired colors will add depth and rich dimensionality to your kitchen. Consider including a Heritage refrigerator in Ruby to create a focal point, without overwhelming the space. You could also incorporate Ruby through accessories such as a Dutch oven, mixer or solid or patterned kitchen towels.

Gemology collection

Desert Hues

A playful mix of earth tones balanced with pops of vibrant color, hues inspired by a desert oasis can bring a sense of cheer and radiance to kitchens. Try incorporating shades from our Palms Springs Collection, which includes inviting colors such as Cerulean Blue, Perfectly Pink, Palm Green and Desert Sand.

Use neutral shades as foundational colors for walls and cabinets, and then pull the look together through colorful appliances like our Northstar range and microwave in Palm Green. To shake things up a little, you could add a microwave in Cerulean Blue instead. Plants are also a great way to bring color into the kitchen, while adding an organic element to the space.

Palm Springs collection

Punchy Pastels

If deep or vibrant colors aren’t your thing, you could opt for pastel shades that create visual interest in the kitchen, but are a little more subdued. Depending on how you style them, pastels can blend in with your kitchen design or serve as the focal point of the space. Our newest curated color collection, Mixology, includes a handful of playful shades reminiscent of colorful cocktails that are just as beautiful as they are delicious. The refreshing collection includes four enticing hues – Curacao, De Menthe, Paloma, and Violetta – which will surely lift your spirits.

Try adding a Heritage range in De Menthe for a fashion forward dose of color. Or go all the way with a Northstar range, splashback and hood in Curacao to complete your cooking space. If you’re not quite ready to commit to new appliances, you could include pastel elements through a fun tiled backsplash or by installing peel-and-stick wallpaper to give your kitchen a refreshed look.

Mixology collection

Color is transformative. Whether you want to introduce a sense of drama, create balance, or make your kitchen feel more cheerful, appliances in bold hues will bring new life to your space.

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